A cookies are small piece of text data that is stored when customer visit website. Mostly its used to remember customer and their preference either for a single visit or multiple visits. Bolsmic may use that data to provide best customer experience. Bolsmic will not used personal information other than purpose describe in serivce. Bolsmic is required to remove information if customer makes request by sending email to “admin@bolsmic.com”.

Cookies are stored in number of different location across bolsmic.com, plugin used, forms used to stored data or in an email send by us. Bolsmic classify cookies in three different categories starting with “Required cookies”, “Analytical cookies” and “Advertising”.

“Required cookies” are essential for Bolsmic to provide great customer experience. Those cookies mainly allow customer to create account, select preference, language and other necessary options. We use those cookies mostly as classified necessary to provide the service.

“Analytical cookies” are used to analysed customer behaviour from different perspective to improve customer experience on site. If customer provides consent to use cookies only for functional purpose, we will only use cookies for better customer service as requested.

“Advertising” cookies are used/shared with third party for marketing purpose. This is highly sensitive area and we generally don’t do any sharing with third party for marketing purpose unless have consent from customer. Despite having consent from customer, we still very sensitive and reluctant to share any detail with third party for marketing and advertising purpose, ” as we give great value to customer privacy and customer trust on us“.

Bolsmic may share information with supplier for technical product development in case in house service is limited. This sharing is solely for service development and can’t be used to identify customer. Bolsmic ensure that detail from Tier-01 supplier is tailored according to GDPR and customer privacy requirement.