Restaurant Login

o Restaurant Account Created

o Automatic notification of order received

o Food deliver to delivery partner

o Restaurant Track the delivery partner move

User Account created

o Waiting for Admin to approval

o User find a restaurant to order food

o Payment through


o Credit Card

o Wallet

o User track delivery partner location

o Food Received

Register, Login, Forgot Password

2. Offer Banner

3. Nearby Restaurants Listing

4. Search Restaurant

5. Filter Restaurants

6. Food Listing

7. Add to Cart

8. Promo Codes

9. Multiple Payment Modes

10. Wallet integration

11. Driver Tip

12. Order Confirmation

13. Track Order

14. Push Notification

15. Call

16. Chat

17. Reviews


19. Loyalty Points

20. Order History

21. Refer and Earn

22. Language Conversion

Delivery Partner Login

o Driver Account Created

o Waiting for Admin to Approval

o Order notification received

o Delivery partner received the food for delivery

o Food Delivered

o Delivery partner Periodically send the amount to admin after deducting commission

Please contact and place order with confidenance.