Crowdfunding , investment , saving , donations 

Fundraising for various causes, the administrator can add volunteers who can create unlimited campaigns, this script is finished create a community where different people to help those in need either your community or different places.


Built with Laravel 5.3


Font Awesome



Send mail to Organizer

Members can create unlimited campaigns

Updates campaigns

Option Delete Account

Members can change their name, email and password

Members manage their campaigns and see donations

Upload Avatar

Change password

Integration with Paypal

Integration with Stripe

Bank Transfer

XSS: Protection from cross site scripting

Secure Bcrypt password hashing

SMTP Support

Share social

Multiple currencies

Easy translation

Ajax pagination in Campaigns, Donations and Updates

Admin Features:

Template AdminLTE

Change the site name

Change the site title welcome


Set keywords for the site. (SEO)

Add a description (SEO)

Create/Edit pages e.g.: Help, Privacy, etc.

Payments Settings.

See Donations

Set up social accounts

Manage members.

Add / Edit members.

Manage campaigns.

Add / Edit Campaigns