But people still get them confused, since the distinction is somewhat subtle. The table below lists the key differences between smoke testing and sanity testing. The identified smoke tests should be used to create test cases around them. The test cases are developed manually and test scripts can be created to perform automation. Either QA lead or QA Engineers are responsible to perform smoke testing.

what is smoke test with example

Unit tests exercise individual functions, subroutines, or object methods. Functional tests may comprise a scripted series of program inputs, possibly even with an automated mechanism for controlling mouse movements. Unit tests can be implemented either as separate functions within the code itself, or else as a driver layer that links to the code without altering the code being tested.

Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing Explained

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to create a basic smoke testing suite using our tool, Rainforest QA. We’ll illustrate each step with examples from Airbnb’s web application. Both Smoke testing and Sanity testing are essential in the development of a project. Smoke tests can be either manual or automated, but the best way to do a Smoke test is by using an automation tool and programming the smoke suite to run when a new build is created.

  • It reduces the time and resources of the team, which eventually decreases the risk.
  • For example, most software testing tools won’t provide a way to run multiple tests at once.
  • If you run smoke tests on production, you can also catch bugs that earlier tests missed.
  • The purpose of the smoke testing is to ensure that the critical functionalities of an application are working fine.
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When you run your test, it will do its best to find a good enough match to the specified HTML. By not relying on a single attribute, your tests are more robust to changes in your front end code. The first argument passed to each page method is an HTML selector. This selector tells Playwright what element to interact with, like the todo input or “Clear completed” button.

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With the right approach, your team should be able to work much more efficiently. Even after testing the whole application for bugs, you may find critical issues arise in integration and system testing. https://globalcloudteam.com/glossary/smoke-test/ When developers use a hybrid or manual approach, they get real-time feedback on their software from human testers. This means they can catch the bugs customers will likely encounter in the field.

what is smoke test with example

Many of the problems could be discovered with a Smoke test, thus helping to save time and resources. The results of this test help decide if a build is stable enough to continue with further testing. Smoke tests are very useful when you either don’t have time or don’t know where to start and need a quick test to show you the level of your product.

How to automate Sanity testing?

To quickly create and run our tests, we will use the open source QA Wolf library that I help maintain. QA Wolf converts your browser actions to Playwright/Jest test code. Same as Smoke testing, we don’t write separate test cases for Sanity testing. This lets you compare a successful test run to a failed test run, which is often the key to understanding test failures. Then, you can easily recreate the bug because video replays show you everything leading up to the failure. Whenever you’re ready to run your smoke suite , you can start the run from within Rainforest with just a few clicks.

what is smoke test with example

Sanity testing is a kind of testing performed to check whether a software product is working correctly when a new module or functionality gets implemented to an existing product. Sanity testing is a software testing technique which does a quick evaluation of the quality of the software release to determine whether it is eligible for further rounds of testing or not. Smoke testing is run in the early stages of the software development life cycle, ensuring that software core functionality is working properly.

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Very limited number of test cases is required to do the smoke testing. Integration testing- In integration testing, the behavior of two or more units and linked interfaces between them is being tested. Smoke testing is documented or scripted, while sanity testing is not. Now, to understand Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing, https://globalcloudteam.com/ let us see what is smoke testing. Regression testing is quite specific – it refers to the complete functional test of a whole software system when a new feature is introduced or launched . Because as we’re about to see, smoke testing has the highest ROI of any kind of test when it comes to automating your test.

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This collection of test cases is intended to uncover construction problems. If these tests pass, the QA team moves on to Functional Testing. Smoke testing is performed anytime the latest software capabilities are built and incorporated with an existent build that is delivered in a QA/staging setup. It verifies whether or not all key features are functioning properly. It is a basic test that indicates whether or not the product is ready to be tested. This helps evaluate whether the build is faulty enough that additional testing would be a waste of time and money.

Who will do Smoke Testing

That is one should go through the application try to touch upon the frequently used functionality and pages to ensure all the navigations are working as expected. For example, if the tester knows that there is some data that flows from system A to system B, then he must make it a point to check that as part of the smoke test . This is also done to ensure that the system does not break in any of these integration points. If applicable in your SUT , as part of the smoke test you should try to successfully login with old and newly created credentials.

Smoke testing is like a normal health check up of the build of an application. Regression testing- Regression testing is the process of continuous testing; it checks the software is working correctly after adding new features. To ensure that the introduced changes do not affect other existing functionalities of the product. Smoke testing saves time and energy by detecting any major issues in software before installing it for the test. Smoke testing is like a general health checkup, while sanity testing resembles a specialized health checkup. Know that we know the definition of sanity and smoke testing, et us understand sanity Testing vs smoke testing.

How to automate Smoke testing?

If the smoke test is a pass then the build can be further sent to the testing process else the build is rejected. Rather than manually repeating tests every time a new software build is delivered, recorded smoke test cases are run against the build. If the test fails, they may instantly fix the build and redeploy it.